Biolojic Design

Biolojic Design makes developable, active human antibodies directed against functional epitopes, including targets for which existing technologies fail.

Partnerships: Biolojic enables its partners to rapidly expand their biologics pipelines through various deal structures.
Biolojic’s own pipeline: Focusing on targets that are difficult for existing technologies, Biolojic develops revolutionary antibodies that will be first-in-class or best-in-class.
A team of senior industry veterans and leading scientists identifies lucrative difficult targets for Biolojic’s pipeline.


Designing antibodies with new functions


A new approach to antibody design & engineering

Biolojic Platform

Powerful computer-guided technology for antibody design


Applications of the Biolojic platform

Biolojic Design is a biopharmaceutical company that uses a proprietary computer-guided design process to design revolutionary functional antibodies against difficult and complex targets