About Us

Biolojic Design antibody discovery and optimization platform Re-engineering natural Abs to bind a new epitope

Corporate Profile

Biolojic Design is a biopharmaceutical company that uses a proprietary computer-guided design process to design revolutionary functional antibodies against difficult and complex targets.

Working together with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Biolojic Design delivers breakthrough antibody candidates using a its novel re-epitoping technology.
Succeeding where traditional approaches fail, Biolojic Design enables its partners to rapidly expand their biologics pipelines.

Yanay Ofran, PhD, CEO

Head of the Lab of Systems Biology and Functional Genomics at Bar Ilan University
Associated Editor, PLoS Computational Biology
PhD (with distinction) in Molecular Biophysics, Columbia University

Shmuel Cabilliy, PhD, founding investor

Inventor of the seminal “Cabilliy Patent”, basis for over 30 approved antibody-based drugs
Co-founder of and chief scientist of Ethrog Biotechnology, Acquired by Invitrogen

Chezy Barenholtz, PhD, founding investor

Inventor of the anti-cancer drug “doxil” (J&J, $900M/year)
Co-founder of Moebius medical, Polypid, Lipocure and Doxocure

Pioneering scientific research

The team of Biolojic Design is composed of exceptional accomplished scientists and engineers, who have made significant scientific contributions to the fields of protein design and engineering, computer-guided design and antibody biotechnology.
Their pioneering research has advanced the understanding of epitope prediction, Ab—Ag interactions, and Ab engineering

Scientific expertise

The company employs 15 people providing extensive expertise in three core areas:
– Computational chemistry
– Structural biology
– Protein engineering
– 9 PhDs internationally trained in top labs and companies.