Our Story

Above all, we’re driven by our mission to cure disease. To do that, we have to fundamentally change and reimagine the drug discovery process and how we approach disease and treatment.”

—Yanay Ofran, CEO

The Journey So Far

When Yanay Ofran founded Biolojic Design in 2010, he had an ambitious vision: to create better, smarter drugs using computational biology, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Yanay’s new venture built on his research into biomolecular recognition — the process by which molecules recognize and bind to their molecular targets. In the university “garage lab,” Yanay began creating new tools to design amazing new molecules.

Within two years, the lab became a test kitchen for pharmaceutical companies seeking help with stalled projects.

Our team tackled these challenges and proved that they could program antibodies to carry out specific commands, unlocking a world of new capabilities.

As we grew, we saw the greater opportunity in front of us: to create our own pipeline of new programmable smart drugs. We recognized that existing therapeutics were only realizing a small fraction of antibodies’ potential. We set out to revolutionize the process for making smart drugs.

Creating Smart Antibodies

Building on the existing understanding of biology, we reprogram human antibodies with new, untapped capabilities. We can turn them into “logic gates” that can execute commands based on each microenvironment in each patient. These reengineered antibodies do what no other antibody can do.

Our platform yields unique value in a number of ways:

  • It creates safer and more efficacious drugs that work for more patients.
  • It reduces the risk of failure by selecting validated targets.

  • It can identify failures and successes early and in vitro.
  • It allows for speed and efficiency.

Looking Ahead

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, and we’re even more excited about the road ahead. As we continue our work, we’re committed to:

Building and leveraging a diversified and innovative portfolio that delivers meaningful outcomes

Challenging and expanding our technology platform to deliver innovative smart technologies

Fostering an engaged and driven workforce united by our mission

Bringing innovative, promising new drugs to the clinic

Collaborating with our partners to propel new ideas and solve pharma R&D challenges

Delivering value for our investors